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  1. fwmilmo

    Also known as Ground Cherries, they were tricky to germinate as they like hot weather and take in a lot of nutrition. However, once they got establish they produce fruit rather quickly. I will definitely grow again.

  2. Rebecca Huff

    I germinated using the paper towel method and laid on a heat mat indoors. Once germination occurs put in moist starter mix and put plastic around top to keep moist. I put mine under grow lights. Once seedling emerges take off plastic, continue to keep moist. When time is right and seedling is ready to be transplanted, harden off for a week and then transplant in garden. Some of the ground cherries were not harvested and left in my raised beds and I got plenty of volunteers the following spring without as much work. I just transplanted them where I wanted them when they were very small because if you wait until they are bigger they will have a greater chance of transplant shock, but they are a pretty hardy plant once established. Make sure you allow for a lot of space for them, plant about 3 -5 ft apart. My family and I love the flavor.

  3. creativeexplosion2

    I grew these for the first time this year, All I have done is water and a bit of seaweed fertilizer the first month. I direct seeded and got my first fruit yesterday. They are wonderful!!! I will grow these every year without a doubt. I live in southwest Washington State.

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