4 reviews for Serrano Pepper (HOT)

  1. Michael Guzman

    Serrano peppers are a staple in the Mexican kitchen, so I was very eager to grow these. I had a 100% germination rate and kept two plants. They have been going strong for 10 months and stand at about 3.5 feet tall. Fruit production has been steady from late spring to early winter. Fruit is full, crisp, and hot as expected. I have yielded well over 2 pounds of peppers from these plants.

  2. Glen

    Again high germination rate 95 percent and in a weeks time which is excellent. I personal judge seeds or seed companies on the products ability to germinate because everything else is out of, that businesses control . Exceellent product

  3. sys881218

    This pepper is growing so well in a container. Currently over 3 ft tall without support with TONS of peppers on it and more coming in. I’ll have to think of what to do with all these serrano peppers! Will definitely grow again next year.

  4. 94barratt

    I love serranos in my salads, dressings, and guac. The plants are prolific and I had plenty to share.

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