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  1. Michele B.

    I started my pepper seeds early this year due to the overwhelming issues I had last. I put some Coral Bell Pepper seed on a wet coffee filter and let it sit for several days. I got antsy and decided to just start some in peat pellets on a heat mat and BOOM all my Coral Bell seeds germinated. I went back a few days later to check on my coffee filter experiment (to toss it actually) and BOOM again, they ALL sprouted. I don’t have the heart to toss the sprouted babies so I am transplanting these bad boys into some soil. I am sure not having any issues with peppers this year! If this review seems similar to another it’s because I did this little experiment with the Big Red Pepper seeds and was just as successful. I will not be short peppers this year, only planting space!

  2. Michele B.

    I already reviewed the germination rate of these seeds (excellent) but wanted to review the plants themselves. After re-homing a million pepper babies, I saved two Coral Bells for my garden. They did well and gave me a good 5-6 peppers per plant. Some might argue that the yield was low but I crowded those poor things and added what I thought was a petite marigold variety to the bed which choked out a few pepper plants. The Coral Bells fought good and hard and gave me the sweetest, thick walled fruits out of all the varieties I planted. These will be making an appearance in my 2017 garden. Thanks MIgardener!

  3. Amy Ardizzone

    Beautiful peppers! Great germination, good production and size. I grew 4 plants this year and harvested 17 peppers. A few the length of my hand! The hardest part is waiting in anticipation for them to turn orange! Very sweet!

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