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  1. Michele B.

    I started my pepper seeds early this year due to the overwhelming issues I had last. I put some Big Red Pepper seed on a wet coffee filter and let it sit for several days. I got antsy and decided to just start some in peat pellets on a heat mat and BOOM all my Big Red Pepper seeds germinated. I went back a few days later to check on my coffee filter experiment (to toss it actually) and BOOM again, they ALL sprouted. I don’t have the heart to toss the sprouted babies so I am transplanting these bad boys into some soil. I am sure not having any issues with peppers this year!

  2. bladeddragon

    well I did not get any red peppers! But the green ones I did get were of med to average side and tatsted excellent. I’m not sure if I had some shadowing issues last year but being spaced wider and starting them in feb inside they are still only about 6-8 inches tall. Of the varieties I purchased and planted only have germinated.

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