2 reviews for Pasilla Bajio (Hot) – Pepper

  1. Gary Coates

    I had no problem growing these in Southern Ontario, Canada. Germination rate was good and the plants produced many peppers. However, we found that these peppers have very little flavour. We dried them and used them in Mexican recipes, like Tortilla Soup, but we were disappointed that they had very little flavour. My mother in law, who is Mexican, was disappointed as well. I think these peppers would benefit from staying on the plant longer, until they develop that deep brown colour. I picked them when they were 4″ long, but still green. Probably more my fault than the seeds, but I won’t grow these next year.

  2. fwmilmo

    Tasty, good growing pepper. You can eat it green or red. The red/brown has a more deeper flavor AND worth the wait.

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