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  1. Danielle Wiseman


  2. Nick Clarke

    I transplanted these out into my 5 gallon fabric pots and topped for a bushier type of pepper plant. Beginning to put flowers on here in Michigan. If the size and color of the leaves are a precursor to the quality of the peppers, we should be in for a treat! Strong sturdy stem that is currently thicker than most pepper plants I have (easily thicker than a pencil).

    Looking forward to stuffed peppers and dicing these up in salads.

  3. simplyblogs

    Grew well from seeds and into a sturdy plant. The peppers are very nice and finished ripening in a couple of days on the counter. Happily freezing some for a little sunshine in the winter (great on pizza).

  4. cd.mans

    I planted to late but they are in containers and I intend to bring them indoors and keep them until they stop producing. Next time I will order them earlier.

  5. lyonsashley267

    Small and thinner walled, but good.

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