10 reviews for Tom Thumb Dwarf Pea

  1. junkyjunk7

    These were excellent! I grew a few plants per 5 gallon container and they did well. They grew quickly and were the first variety to produce peas. They were plump and delicious.

  2. 15allisonsmith

    I’m growing one right now in a half gallon pot, and after an unseasonably late freeze, I thought it was done for. Now it has some dead/dying leaves, but I just harvested my first little pea pod from the plant and it’s so cute. The plant itself is really tiny (only the size of a softball). I wonder if it’s because I need a bigger pot, or need to fertilize?

  3. 94barratt

    I’ve grown these from the same packet for three years. The 3/4 of the seeds I had left this year germinated. The three plants are 2 inches high and flowering. Such a cute plant with yummy peas in tender pods.

  4. Missdoxiemom

    They were fast growing and did perfectly with several plants in a decent sized container. They were the first to flower and produce out of my other pea variety. The peas were nice and plump and they were so good! I did, however, give them stakes to hold onto for extra support.

  5. sydney1410

    I can’t recommend this variety if you’re wanting a serious harvest but I can recommend it if you are looking for something in a small area, such as container or patio gardening. It just did not produce enough. Slow to develop pods compared to another variety I had, not as many pods and pods with not as many peas as I had hoped. Was really wanting them to work out as I hate having to trellis things but this is a no-go after two years of trying. Sorry!!

  6. nicolesica123

    Excellent germination and plants popped up quickly. Each plant only produced 2-3 teeny tiny pods (with one-two peas) each, in a 2 gallon pot per plant. Not terribly productive, but so cute. Will mix in with my potted geraniums and violas next year

  7. richardbills09

    Germination rate was excellent! Plants haven’t reached the 13-18″ mark, but we’re hopeful. Only started getting pods here and there.

  8. arouramc

    Good germination, every seed I planted, sprouted. None of them got bigger than maybe 6-8″ tall though, and each produced only a few peas. Each plant grew straight up and despite being very small, still seemed to need support, or their fall over the side of the pot. Very cute plant, though, and grew well in adverse conditions. I would recommend for people with really limited space, or a kids garden, but not for production.

  9. simplyblogs

    These grew nice little pea plants. Also, I missed a couple pods, and those plants came up and were true to their parent plant. Our family enjoys fresh peas!

  10. rose.mcnaughton

    Fast growing, compact. Did well in containers. If you want to eat the pods, get them while they’re still small and flat. Otherwise, you’re in for a stringy surprise! That said, if you wait a little longer, the peas inside are pretty good.

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