18 reviews for Sugar Snap pea

  1. Valerie Howden

    Great growth. Needed more support as the winds took the plants down way too early in the season. Great taste for whole family.

  2. peter.smagacz

    The best peas I’ve ever tasted. Super sweet and delicious peas growing quickly and producing throughout the season. Required little to no training to grow up trellis and stay strong.

  3. teaney

    Super easy to grow. Taste is on point and each pod is about the size of a grown man’s index finger. From one pack of seed I had over 2 gallons of harvest. These are basically fire and forget too. Had zero issues in Indiana.

  4. jpgirardi

    Very easy to grow, fantastic flavour! I grow them every year

  5. sydney1410

    Plants produced well and for quite a while as I started them early. They survived a freak snow storm and freeze. Needed more to climb – I would say they ended up at least 5 feet long, which is not ideal for me but they were too tasty To worry about it!

  6. hkhitchens

    I’ve grown these peas 2 years in a row and this year, combined with some trifecta, my yeilds were insane! Excited I planted a fall crop which germinated quickly. Will grow these every year!

  7. Brianne Strobel

    They’re very easy to take care of if they’re watered enough. They’re sweet and crunchy and make a lot of pods per plant. The flowers are pretty too.

  8. lknittel

    Holy COW did these produce this Spring! I actually had them producing well into the latter part of June (maybe early July??) All I know is these were incredible! I didn’t have them trellised on a high enough trellis, so I know I’m moving them to my cattle panel next Spring. Waiting for them to come back into stock, but am going to order the blush variety now, since they are in stock. We never tired of these snap peas, because they just taste so amazing – both raw and steamed – fresh from the garden!

  9. lyonsashley267

    so sweet! But not very prolific.

  10. sharonfitz71

    These were absolutely amazing. This will be a staple in my garden. Extremely easy to grow. Excellent eating right off the vine. Super sweet and crunchy. A must try .

  11. josephmajora

    My favorite peas. Easy to grow and has very good taste.

  12. kellymullen2012

    These grew long into fall for me- basically until we got our first snow!

  13. ourlife767

    good production

  14. bpanders06

    These take off every year. Good yield. Best fresh eating pea (in my opinion).

  15. evno3000


  16. lamoureux.6697

    Excellent and tasty

  17. tanney9

    The produced an amazing crop this year. Probably grew 8ft or so before they fell over and slowed producing. Went into July. I could not be happier with these.

  18. happytimesahead23

    Top notch

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