6 reviews for Lincoln Pea

  1. Giovana Frei

    I just can’t get enough peas.. I will be posting pictures of my garden pretty soon

  2. Sally Previde

    The peas are fast growing and the peas are absolutely delicious!

  3. Tara Santiago

    These are hands down the BEST peas I have ever grown. Large pods contained jumbo peas. Our largest pod had 9 peas, most had 6. They have the best taste and froze extremely well (without branching).
    My only complaint is I didn’t plant more, lesson learned for 2017 ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Thanh

    I like peas.

  5. acarille7

    I had 100% germination rate, and the harvest was terrific. Most pods had between 9 and 12 peas, and tasted great.

  6. cd.mans

    Good germination. Very productive. Good taste. They do well in poor soil too.

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