8 reviews for Mammoth Melting Snow Pea

  1. Joseph

    These are the peas to grow. I’ve grown sugar snap and super sugar snap and had low success with production. These Mammoth snow peas quickly climbed to the top of a 6ft terrace. I was offering snow peas to eat fresh to anyone who came over from my 6 plants. I will plant more next year.

  2. Celeste

    Fabulous and Large. My favorite large snow pea! I grow this in the Rockies

  3. dana.price

    These peas went right up and over my 7ft fence, and I got more peas than we could possibly eat. This is my new favorite pea..

  4. lilicallegom

    Favorite peas so far. Sweet and juicy. They grew very tall and produced loads. Grown in North East FL from Oct-March to harvest from Dec-April.

  5. jonathandchernandez

    These grow very well and had great germination. I would say purchasing again but I have more than enough seeds that’ll last me a couple years

  6. jonathandchernandez

    I’m kind of unimpressed with the growth i don’t know if it takes a while to burst with growth but my blue shelling pea plants are growing much faster

  7. bladeddragon

    What can I say, I loved the flavor and production of this vine. Produced about a bowl perhaps 3 cups a week. Only fault I found was that only about 50% germination.

  8. cecillegagne27

    I live in Ottawa, Canada and I grew these during the spring and had peas from April to the end of July. peas grow very well in the spring in my area. These were very sweet, crunchy and tasty.

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