10 reviews for Oriental Yard long Bean

  1. Brenda Rafferty

    I’m so happy you are have these now. They are my favorite bean to grow here in north Florida grow zone 9a because they take the heat so well. I have grown them the last 3 years here and they outlived any other bean I have tried and the harvest from just a few plants is huge.

  2. joangb1957

    Grew so nice and taste so good!

  3. DeirdrePsalms1151

    Easy to grow, great flavor and price! Saved some seed from this year but, will be ordering more. Tasted the best in soup, stir fry, and green bean casserole (thanksgiving)! Haven’t tried them yet fried.

  4. zenacat03

    Grew for the first time in 2018 in Zone 7. We absolutely loved these! 100% germination & they just grew & grew & produced until frost. Will be growing these every year! I sent my leftover seeds to a friend in Key Largo & will see how they fare in Zone 10.

  5. katherizna

    Bought these seeds in 2018, and grew them in the beginning of 2019. my plants were attacked by aphids (10B) so I cut them down, I have forgotten about them, but these beans grew side shoots and gave me a couple of small harvest. I will definitely be trying them again (more plants) this summer and Fall. These are really tasty beans! A must try!

  6. Amy Ardizzone

    The most fun bean to grow for kids! These things are prolific and look beautiful growing up a trellis. The flavor is great and each blossom produces 2 beans. I will grow these every year from now on! Zone 5B

  7. shellyosborn67

    I absolutely was thrilled with the yard long beans last year. I was worried about the flavor but they were wonderful. These beans are very prolific. I couldn’t have been more impressed.

  8. leeannh

    These grow very well in Zone 9a (South Louisiana). Very easy to grow but you need to let these bines climb a trellis and they do need room.
    Delicious in stir-fries, baked, steamed, boiled, however you like to prepare them.

  9. nick0168

    Picked these up as a novelty/space filler and now it will be a staple in my garden every year. Amazing flavor and high yield rate.

  10. olsonkaylynn1

    awesome beans. I ordered a pack and they germinated great I planted them in a pot. and before I knew it they were spilling over the edge. I have never planted these before and when I saw these. They were so neat I loved that they were really yard longs lol.. I love them and very good too. Def a new favorite. Thanks

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