4 reviews for Clemson Spineless Okra

  1. Joe

    I love this variety of okra because it produces plenty of pods and is self-pollinating. I will definitely grow this next year!

  2. kay nettles

    you can grow clemson spineless okra in a lge container and mine got to 8 feet u must water 2 times day in 100 degree weather and fertilize weekly with 10-10-10 (I used 3 tablespoons at least once a week thinned to 8 stalks and cut okra 2 x’s day.

  3. Joseph Ku

    This variety is VERY productive and produces stunning pods. They even got me a first place ribbon at the county fair! The Clemson spineless okra is definitely a keeper.

  4. DeirdrePsalms1151

    Heavy producer, there were days I didn’t get out to the garden, this variety of okra grew quite large and still had a good flavor. Don’t let them get too big though, they are completely inedible at that stage.

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