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  1. Joseph S

    This grows fast. I can harvest every 2 weeks. It’s cold hardy, perfect germination. The leaves are spicy when small, but very mild when the leaves get big.

  2. Joseph

    I sell these at the farmer’s market as a cooking green. They are a mild green (not hot) which I can sell beside Arugula (spicy) or can be paired together for medium heat. I never seem to grow enough of this, but it grows like crazy. It’s a little more sensitive to the cold than some of the other greens, but I grow them all winter long with a little protection.

  3. Mike Minicucci

    Mild flavor, works great in a salad mix. Grows well in sandy soil even in July. If you have a high insect pressure, this mustard will need to be grown with a cover in the summer. Very pretty, edible even when it flowers.

  4. ragersteph

    AHA! I’ve been wondering what I was growing in that one spot! I completely forgot I planted these. They grow very fast in DFW Texas in fall and winter so far. They are just now bolting and the leaves are still edible. When the plant was young, and probably because the weather was still a bit hot, I did not care for the taste. As the leaves got a bit bigger and the weather cooler, they are delicious. Using the cut and come again method, only harvesting larger leaves, these are a new staple in my cool weather garden. Great addition to a salad and sometimes the main part of the salad since they grow so fast. Also great in soups. Will grow again in the fall. I have noticed the snails are more attracted to these than the plants next to them but it’s easy to pick them off. They have been growing faster than the snails can eat them, luckily.

  5. someguy43210

    My favorite mustard variety. It have a mild flavor and taste more like lettuce than mustard. It only get slightly spicy if you grow it under lots of sun. If you let the plant keeps growing, the stalk gets thick with lots of water similar to bok choy. It’s also actually quite attractive similar to lettuce if grown in rows.

    I had good experience growing in Florida, however is having a lot of problem in Ohio, since slugs and flea beetles draws to this plant like magnet. I’m going to grow it in containers instead and cover it with fine mesh to prevent flea beetles.

  6. landengraham07

    it’s a good green for chicken and grows great

  7. arouramc

    I planted 3 mustards at the same time. This, Japanese Giant Red, and Tatsoi. This is twice as big as the other mustards or more, and responds well to cut and come again harvest. The flavor is great, mild and tasty. Good raw in salads or sauteed in things like omlets in place of spinach. As others have noted, it does seem to attract more pests. I have a container garden, and some mice outside only eat this and nothing else in the garden, even the lettuces! I don’t blame them, it’s delicious. ๐Ÿ˜€
    However, it grows so fast that I’m not too bothered, I can share a little with the mice. I do need to check it for aphids and moth eggs every few days, but so far a little diligence has prevented any serious pest issues. I plan to grow it under nets next spring. Will 100% grow this again next year.

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