5 reviews for Moneymaker Tomato

  1. GardeningGal

    I saw that your seeds only costing .99 cents and was skeptical of purchasing, but decided to give you a try. After all what’s .99 cents in this day and age. Sure glad that I decided to purchase from your site as I was very surprised that even though the packet says germination takes place in 8 to 14 days these seeds are already sprouting after only 5 days! Sure to have a bumper crop of tomatoes this season.

  2. eh.its.ok

    I’m not sure if I over crowded these, But mine turned out tiny the size of large cherry tomatoes. I gave it four stars because the seed germinated fine.

  3. jklutsch1

    I did not like this tomato at all. The tomatoes are flavorless. Production is average or below average.

  4. blueimystic

    Avid producer! This plant produced all the way into November when the frosts hit West Texas last year!

  5. ourlife767


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