15 reviews for Little Potato Cucumber *RARE*

  1. Louise stanzione

    Waiting for product to become available befor it’s too late to plant.

  2. evansoccer6

    The price is stunningly low for the amount of product received

  3. RJ

    Bummed that none of mine germinated, so far. I started 6 varieties of cukes in 4-inch pots a month ago and these are the only ones that haven’t popped up. I direct sowed the other side of the cucumber bed 5 days ago so hopefully some of those will. Only 10-12 seeds in the pack so it’s my last hope!

  4. Doug

    Grows vigorously, but the taste isn’t as good as other varieties. The outside of the skin is definitely unique and the color looks exactly as pictured. It is a fun variety to introduce friends or relatives to.

  5. aosvath

    1/2 germinated, lower than some others, so plant a few extra. But! Theyre the tastiest cucumbers I’ve grown and make cucumbers fast and in clusters of 3-6. Much higher yield than lemon cucumbers, smaller seeds, sweeter flesh and similar rind. Great for small gardens – grows smaller than full size cucumbers, and much smaller range than cucamelons and jelly melons as well.

  6. Lindsey Miller

    Have only planted one see so far, it germinated so I didn’t have to use any others yet. Somewhat slow to take off, but we have had some very hot days and it’s picked up the pace over the last week getting a break in the heat so I don’t blame the seeds. Eager to try them!

  7. meruhe

    A great producer, these cucumbers rarely made it into the kitchen. My grandkids snacked on them in between play and pool time.

  8. lyonsashley267

    good germ rate!

  9. josephmajora

    Not a good germination and very very slow to grow. On top of that it only produce like 2 very very small fruits. The taste is not exotic at all. I have planted them for two seasons and for both seasons, I got same experience.

  10. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  11. evno3000

    These are great!

  12. scenestra

    Another funky cucumber for those tired of green pickling types! Grows well.

  13. ourlife767

    Very unique. Can’t wait for them to grow more

  14. evno3000

    This was great!

  15. awizard.amy

    Can’t wait to grow these!

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