12 reviews for Lime Basil

  1. colby07

    LEMON BASIL IS THE BEST. The smell is absolutely amazing and make tea out of it it’s amazing!!

  2. lyonsashley267

    Great germination and easy to grow!

  3. Phillip Knight

    I’m eager to try growing this again, but my first couple plants got off to a rough start with the weather – and among 4 types of basil, the lime basil had the hardest time coping, and it also went to flower very fast (again I blame the weather more than the plant). However, it SMELLS AMAZING and I really hope next spring I can actually get a chance to use it in cooking and drinks. It smells exactly like lime, not lime and basil – just lime. Very cute little white flowers as well.

  4. Katie Volner

    This is my favorite basil! Tastes more similar to a lime rind, but you can tell its basil as well. Good in different dishes or in a glass of ice water on a hot summer day! Honestly, my favorite item I grew in the 2020 summer.

  5. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  6. evno3000

    These seeds are great!

  7. scenestra

    Great germination, refreshing tea addition!

  8. kalauing

    Seeds look good. Super excited to try this one out. Thanks MIgardener!

  9. ourlife767

    Amazing ❤️

  10. lamoureux.6697

    The smell and taste is different and wonderful. Nice addition to other basils.

  11. tinahkauffman

    I was so pleased with these seeds! They grew such beautiful plants, that smelled so fresh and wonderful. I make my own tea blends, and this fit in perfect. I will be growing this again this year!

  12. lamoureux.6697

    Germination was fantastic. The smell is wonderful . Nice addition to my other basil

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