4 reviews for Light Red Kidney Bean

  1. ttpadilla

    I planted these in a raised bed on a Sunday afternoon, and they were breaking through the soil on day 4. By day 5 they were already 3″ tall!

  2. sydney1410

    First of all I still have a lot to learn and experience about this variety and growing dry beans. I start picking some dried pods as well as ones that weren’t dry but changed color. Unfortunately they started rotting on me and I had to do emergency bean extraction. They seem to be drying well outside the pod but even the pods on the plants seem to show some mold. I am wondering if it’s due to our humidity in the Midwest? However, I am really surprised at how much one packet of seeds is producing. I don’t have a weight and the season isn’t done, but I am hoping for about 2 pounds of dried beans! May not sound like much but consider that 99c with about 25 seeds produced all that!!

  3. ourlife767

    GREAT bean and tasted great in my Chili

  4. maryhotchkiss11

    These grew very quickly and it appears that almost all of my seed germinated. I did have an issue with something digging them up at first, so the bare spots might have been eaten by something. I am anxiously waiting for them to be ready to harvest.

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