5 reviews for Kellogg’s Breakfast Tomato

  1. Mike Minicucci

    Tasty and a good keeper. Medium yield, plant can get lanky. Tends to cat face, so not a great seller unless folks are used to less than perfect looking standard fruits.

  2. mportwood06138

    Love this tomato! Perfect balance between sweetness and acidity. Plus we got HUGE tomatoes! This will be a regular in our garden.

  3. Seanak

    Largest tomato of 2018, 2lbs 1 oz. Late to ripen at least 110 days from transplant but absolutely delicious.

  4. zoe.brackney

    If you don’t mind the blemishes and like a silky, soft fleshed tomato, you’re going to love these! Flavor was great, a perfect balance of sweet and tart. We found the texture too soft for fresh eating (we like a firmer flesh). Between that and the significant catfacing, we wound up using them for marinara, which came out bright and sweet with no sugar added.

  5. vegasjb1

    The tomato is so good beautiful to look at and taste wonderful

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