6 reviews for Thai Basil

  1. Ethan

    Very sweet smelling. It’s reminiscent of licorice mixed with sweet basil.

  2. Mumbai Balcony Gardener

    Plenty of seeds, excellent germination , grew beautifully and will be my basil of choice to grow for its flowers . The flowers are abundant and form in long stems , the stingless bees , native bees and wasps just loved these .

  3. fwmilmo

    High germination, very prolific. Smells and tastes amazing! I agree, nice sweet smell.

  4. Darren Lind

    Great germination and very fragrant! I enjoy this basil

  5. Joseph

    Very fragrant and versatile as well. It also grows like nuts once it gets established.

  6. sys881218

    Thai basil seeds were slower to germinate compared to other basil seeds I started this year. But now that they are established, they seem to be taking off. Compared to Italian Large Leaf Basil, Holy Basil and Dolce Fresca Basil, the Thai basil had absolutely zero insect damage. Which is great, because that means more basil for me. Used it in Thai basil fried rice today, and it was absolutely delicious!

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