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  1. lyonsashley267

    Odd taste, but not bad!

  2. nbogochow

    I started 4 papalo plants and I really only needed 1 because it got so enormous. It grew very well through the hole summer in 9b and into the fall. I stuck some of the extra plants in the ground around the yard and it did well even in poor soil. Good choice for summer herbs in hot climates. The taste can be very strong. You really only need to add a little bit.

  3. ourlife767

    not bad

  4. asia.gregg

    These have a great scent and flavor But the best part about them was how TALL they got! Three feet easy. I combined them in a container with the Erba Stella Minutina and it is such an unusually cute combo that I get compliments on it all the time. I don’t even really eat it, I just love growing it because it’s different and so happy looking.

  5. drmaldonado1

    I was looking for a heat-tolerant herb to take the place of cilantro/fresh coriander and papalo grows VERY well in the heat! It easily reached 5 feet in one of my raised beds and provided LOTS of leaves! It didn’t even bat an “eye” at the 100°F plus weather. The taste, however, was a bit strong for us. That said, I freeze-dried all that I had and drying it seems to have toned the strength somewhat, but it still only takes a little to go a long way. I put just a little in my Latin recipes when cilantro/fresh coriander is out of season. In my experience, papalo has a similar flavor to cilantro/fresh coriander, but with floral notes that if you use too much, may be a little overwhelming. But I certainly give it a good rating for it’s vigor!

  6. evno3000

    I Love Migardener seeds!

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