6 reviews for Licorice Basil

  1. Shannon

    I planted this for a Facebook gardening grow-out group that I am participating in this season. High germination rate. Looks like every seed germinated. Excited to try this when it matures!

  2. Eileen Stone

    Great germination and really enjoy the licorice smell and the taste of this basil. Planning on growing it again in 2018!

  3. fwmilmo

    High germination, very prolific. Smells and tastes amazing!

  4. moonieee

    I am in zone 9B. I try to grow every variety of basil that I can come across and I really love growing this variety. With a little bit of shade from the afternoon sun it does exceptionally well and produces beautiful plants. My husband Loves the taste of licorice and this does have hints of that flavor. So it is a perfect plant that I grow for him to make pesto with different types of flavors.

  5. melindamarsh2001

    fast growing and germinating. multiple crops in a zone 5 season.

  6. lyonsashley267

    makes good pesto. Strong Licorice flavor

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