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  1. Mumbai Balcony Gardener

    The seeds germinated beautifully and I have a hanging basket full of this herb , however it does not have even a trace of lemon or mint fragrance to it , it has a very aniseed or greek oregano kind of strong fragrance When I purchased these seeds I thought I was going to grow mint with lemon fragrance . Upon doing some searching online I realised that the name lemon mint is actually a misnomer , this herb is Monarda citriodora ,also known by other names such as lemon bee balm, lemon bergamot and horsemint . I will be transplanting it into a bigger container and let it flower for the bees . A herb that grew very easily and beautifully from seed in my partial shade balcony garden with just 3 hours sun .

  2. corinnemnilsen

    Germinated very quickly and seems to be growing well! Looking forward to seeing the flowers!

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