4 reviews for Catnip Seeds

  1. Julia Digaetani

    I got catnip seeds after I had planted Lemon Catnip last year for tea. That made great tea. I don’t have a cat but the tea is supposed to be very good for you,so I planted a few weeks ago and I had good germination and will be transplanting them soon to the garden.
    I’m waiting to see if it brings in all the neighborhood cats!

  2. fwmilmo

    Good germination. I had way more plants than I wanted with this seeds so I shared with friends and family. We all love our catnip. The cats too :).

  3. Michelle McGuire

    Grew very well and my cat loved it! Produced more than enough to dry.

  4. desiraemonique

    Bought this to grow for my cats. Slow to start, but I was very surprised on how fast the plants grew after growing an inch or two. Has a very unique smell and drives my cats crazy! Both my cats and I are loving these plants.

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