5 reviews for Broad Leaved Sage

  1. Glenna F

    Started these indoors and the plants were up in no time. Incredibly aromatic and tasty leaves. 100% germination rate!

  2. Jeremy

    Survives well in the heat and rain here in florida. Has been going strong all season.

  3. Alison

    I forgot this with a couple other seedlings last spring, burst to life when I moved it to a larger pot early summer. Great taste, vigorous growth. Don’t think I’ll need the other seeds, but with this deep freeze I’ll cross my fingers.

  4. corinnemnilsen

    This is such a pretty herb, looks great in the vegetable garden as well as in flower beds. Grows well and tastes great!

  5. bladeddragon

    Let me tell you these things do not disappoint.
    I startted them last year and had very good germination
    I did not pick or cut but a few of them
    They survived the winter still growing all winter long and bloomed about a month ago (start of june) I now have all those seeds to look forward to continuing to grow and thicken my patch.

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