16 reviews for Genovese Basil

  1. Joseph Ku

    Amazing basil plant. It is extremely productive, and you can toss it in almost any dish. Throw it in soup, sprinkle it on pizza, but Remember to pinch off the flower stems because it will take all the energy away from the plant.

  2. Sally Previde

    2nd year growing this basil. Seeds sprouted in about 5 days. I found that I had better luck planting my seeds directly in my garden.

  3. Jeremy

    Very good! Grows very well!

  4. markdjtanner

    Just ordered this for the 2017 growing season and can’t wait until it arrives so I can get started. I can’t say enough good things about MIgardener seed store. Lots of variety and only $0.99 per package. I will write an update review once growing season starts.

  5. LeAnne Hurline

    I started this indoors and planted in the garden and it took off… very productive and smells amazing! Will be buying this in the future!!

  6. Darren Lind

    So much growing in peet pellets fed with worm tea! Just waiting to go outside. Vigorous and surpassing my 2016 version from park

  7. Darren Lind

    This is one of my favorites!

  8. angelfishvintage

    wonderful! easy to grow and delicious.

  9. jessejanecopper

    The germination is practically perfect, so yummy the kids pull and munch on the leaves while they play in the yard.

  10. sarahhg2120

    These seeds don’t germinate as well as some of the other varieties that I’ve tried but the plants that have grown to full plants have been great and they are very flavorful.

  11. hunter.centella

    Very easy to germinate. It has a very strong smell and flavor, but thoroughly enjoyable, my 5yr old will take leafs right off the plant and much on them. Make sure to pink off the flowering heads as it will affect the flavor of the leaf. Not quite as drought tolerant as the Holy Basil (Tulsi), but still forgiving.

  12. mirandarhoten

    This basil variety was fantastic tasting, smelling and was very prolific. It was easy to start under grow lights and it was also easy to propagate cuttings. We ended up having more basil than we knew what to do with. We planted some in containers, some in the ground. The ones that did best were planted between our tomato plants. Winner!

  13. steveosullivan77

    Best flavor of all basils, excellent production, growth, & germination

  14. andthenamethatsatonhimwasdeath

    Amazing plant! Great germination, high yield and incredibly flavorful. We were very impressed!

  15. lyonsashley267

    my favorite! easy to grow and tasty

  16. lyonsashley267

    my favorite! Great in a variety of dishes.

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