5 reviews for Green Zebra Tomato

  1. ms.fannyxie

    I didn’t like the taste that much. It was more tart than I liked and the skin was thicker than the other varieties I grew.

  2. kent.hoover

    This tomato took forever to start producing. Plus, only a few ripened far enough to be more than a ‘green’ tomato. They have an intriguing flavor that may appear to some, but I don’t know if I will grow it again. Perhaps one more year to make sure it wasn’t just a ‘bad year’ for this variety. Productivity was on the lower, slower side with fruits ranging from a large cherry tomato in size to the largest being slightly smaller than a tennis ball. Not very impressed aside from the aesthetics of the fruit.

  3. DeirdrePsalms1151

    This was a new variety for me. When they are not fully ripe I cooked them in pasta sauce or fried green tomatoes. When they were fully ripe they went on salads or my teenage girls just ate them like apples!

  4. jonathandchernandez

    I recently received my seeds and all of the other seeds I received were great and I ordered about 17-18 types of seeds. However, these were very underwhelming I live in California and our growing season is about to start so I was checking all the seeds out all in good condition except for these I reiterated myself on that due to the fact I don’t want people thinking I’m just trying to bash. But anyway I know the seeds might come in with a little more or little less emphasis on little however I received only Nine seeds and a tenth one that had a whole straight through it so obviously not viable I get maybe 18 seeds but come on 9 that’s less than half. If I get great results from the sprouts and plants i will give a higher star rating but from other reviews that’s highly doubtful.

  5. dearjungyvr

    Produces a lot of tomtatoes… but mine turned pink… dry, crunchy, tart…

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