9 reviews for Giant Marconi Pepper (sweet)

  1. olsonkaylynn1

    Average only because they took about a month to germinate. The plants make it to about a foot tall and look like they have spots on the leaves, and end up not doing as great as my other peppers. Will try again maybe they aren’t heat peppers I’m in FL so I thought that might be why.

  2. lyonsashley267

    Delicious! Great flavor and sizs.

  3. ewudesigner

    First year growing this in WA state. So sweet, no spice. Huge peppers compared to the plant size. Plants grew and produced very well. Took a little while to get going since it was a cooler summer.

  4. evanrahaman

    Good pepper to grow indoors.

  5. josephmajora

    It takes time to germinate and also took time to produce peppers but it is a bit cold tolerant here in zone 8. It is december and it is still alive under the hoop house.

  6. kimhensley0

    Big peppers with good production and flavor. Super sweet

  7. ilovebugs08

    Great production for a sweet pepper, fruits are sweeter and plants are more vigorous than bell types

  8. cocoacat082

    They germinated, but didn’t flower or fruit.

  9. ourlife767

    Loved the flavor

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