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  1. fartinggiraffe

    When I read that you can get 500 seeds for only .99 cents, I was shocked. Butterflyweed is very expensive compared to many other seeds on the market. After I got my packet I realized that there is no way what I received was actually 500 seeds, I counted them and only got 166 seeds. I still think it is a good deal, but the listing online needs to be fixed and the printing on the seed packets for next year.

  2. mfirth

    I just bought a couple of these packets. Before I plant can you confirm this is a Native North American variety, vs the tropical type, as I heard planting the tropical type is potentially dangerous to the monarchs.

    • MIgardener

      this is the northern type and is essential to butterflies.

  3. Chad Strauss

    Didn’t Realize these needed to be stratified before planting so nothing ever germinated (Didn’t see any information about that). I will give them another try this year and see if I can figure them out. Given the germination rates of my other purchases I have no reason to doubt the next batch will be better with less user error.

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