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  1. sykap727

    We’ve had great success with these seeds so far. We are in zone 10a in Florida and our Floradade is leading the pack compared to other tomato varieties we have. Very little maintenance and high productivity. So far our favorite!

  2. sys881218

    First of all.. this is a DETERMINATE tomato!!!! It is mislabeled on this website. Good thing I found that out before I single stemmed these floradades. Anyway, I grew two plants in a 5 gal smartpot on my deck in Maryland zone 7. While my other tomato varieties suffered from blossom end rot, various leaf diseases and pests, my floradade plants were very healthy even after a crazy heatwave. They produced a lot more than I expected. The skin was a little thick but that might be due to the lack of inconsistent watering schedule? Taste is absolutely perfect, I’m eating them raw in sandwiches and burgers. I will most definitely grow them again next year for the reliability.

  3. parks51998

    Not a big fan of these. grew several in the summer of 2019. Fruit was very small but flavorful. Plant was not resistant to anything, first to die even with applications of serenade. Not as advertised in my opinion. Would not recommend and will not grow again.

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