4 reviews for Dragon’s Tongue Bean

  1. Darren Lind

    Great germination and strong and green seedlings with nice leafing. I will post another reveiw when I get beans.

  2. catepav12

    Beautiful and abundant beans that had amazing germination and flavor!

  3. sys881218

    These beans are very pretty to look at. The germination rate was excellent, but I took a star off because these weren’t as prolific as the other bean varieties I’ve grown.

  4. trescatruong

    100% germination. The plants seems to go a lil yellow for me as the beans form but that could just be my soil. Not as prolific as other bean plants but I’ll take the taste of these any day. Not only beautiful but really tasty too. Did well growing in partial shade next t the mizuna. The beans turn green when cooked.

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