15 reviews for Cucamelon – Mexican Sour Gherkin *RARE*

  1. Elan

    So looking forward to the availability of these seeds. thank you.

  2. nick

    looking forward to the sale of these seeds

  3. Shannon Hagedorn

    My cucamelons are growing beautifully! Just the vines right now but they have started climbing so I am excited to grow these!

  4. Pawat Seritrakul

    These take a while to start, but once they get going, they grow FAST! Great climber and very prolific, even more than my regular cucumber. It’s mid June and I already have fruits (zone6).

  5. Kristy D

    They are slow pokes at first but then explode know grow especially when paired with Trifecta!! Very prolific, tasty, and so darn cute!!!

  6. Aaron Eads

    These make a great snack. I also have fun looking for them through all of the foliage.

  7. Amy Ardizzone

    I love these little things! I grew mine in a hanging plant in my garden. They were slow to start but once they got about 4-5″ they grew fast. The little cukes taste tangy at first then have a mellow cucumber ending flavor. Fun garden snack!

  8. Hannah

    These are fast growers! I didn’t get any fruit this time but thats my dogs fault they grew great!

  9. Shannon Hagedorn

    These were lots of fun and very good producers! I loved being able to walk by and eat them from the vine. Definitely planting next season!

  10. Thao Vi

    Grew really well in the heat of summer – July/August when they finally surfaced and they took off! Climbed everywhere. Kids loved them!!

  11. fwmilmo

    They need hot weather to thrive. Once it’s hot, it’ll vine and grow like crazy producing juicy small fruit. The cucumelons taste great!

  12. kent.hoover

    No joke – wait to plant until the heat begins to set in. They go no where until it starts getting hot. However, they will grow thick foliage and need to be trellised to have access to the fruit. Otherwise, they are a bit of a pain to find- they remain well-hidden. The fruit are tasty with a tart/sour cucumber taste. Quite a novelty for the kids. While they produce a lot of fruit, they are so small, it takes a LOT to have more than a midday, in-the-yard snack.

    If I liked the taste just a bit more, I would give a full 5-star rating. I will probably continue to grow a vine or two each year as they are kinda nice snacking material and are not bothered by pests in my region (KS).

  13. Shannon Hagedorn

    So much fun to grow! Tasty little snacks from the vine and they grow like crazy once they start blooming. LOVE these! Zone 6

  14. shdesignworx

    So sad I missed these. I’ve still got some seeds leftover, but I’ve got tons of people from last year asking when I’m going to have more cucamelons. One of the coolest plants I’ve ever grown. Hope you get them back soon!

  15. sys881218

    I started two seeds indoors and transplanted outside in a pot when they had two sets of true leaves. The plants surprisingly grew faster than my regular cucumber plants but did not set any fruit until weeks after my cucumber plants set fruit. I dont have a lot of pollinators but I now see a handful of cucamelons ready to be picked and more growing! They taste like a cucumber with a hint of lime. I don’t like sour/tangy so I was worried but it’s really a hint of sourness, so I’m happy. They are super cute to look at, I will grow them again next year!

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