5 reviews for Beit Alpha Cucumber

  1. Julia DiGaetani

    Unfortunately, I didn’t have any luck germinating this variety. I started 6 different cucumbers and this was the only one that gave me zero germination. I was wondering if anyone else had problems.

  2. Blythe

    While I can’t comment on taste, proliferation etc., this variety did germinate at 100% for me. Just to respond to Julia. I am in far North Texas.

  3. bellabowersox

    I have grown Beit Alpha cucumber for 4 years. We love them! You MUST allow space for the air to flow around the plants. Do not plant in thick rows. We grow them on the garden fence, 2 seeds every 18-24 inches, water when dry. This is a cucumber we must have! Sweet, mild. Never bitter. And loads of cucumbers! Last year I took 2 laundry baskets full to work to give away. Everyone loved them!

  4. Darren Lind

    good germination in outdoor low tunnel in mn. so far nice green plants that are quickly growing.

  5. mat_fren

    Very prolific plant! Only downside is that although the plant is big, it didn’t grow any tendrils so far which makes it harder for me to make them climb a trellis

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