11 reviews for Ambrosia Sweet Corn

  1. Sean M.

    First time growing corn. This variety did very well. Thunderstorms knocked them down a couple times but they stood back up and produced nice sweet 8-10 inch ears of corn

  2. Ginny Mangum

    I had excellent results growing this tasty sweet corn this year. I’ll stick to Ambrosia Sweet Corn from now on.

  3. Christopher

    Just as the previous review, this was my first time growing corn and they got knocked down a few times during storms but stood back up on their own. They were very easy to grow and they taste great!

  4. bahill

    Grew this for the first time. Great germination rate. The corn is not overly sweet and very tender. I tried companion planting with pole beans and do not recommend as the stalks were not strong enough to hold the vines and broke. Even with my miss step I harvested a decent amount of corn. I will grow again next year.

  5. loriguenter

    I have had limited success with sweet corn in the past. I usually get whatever the store has for seed. This year, I decided to try something different. We are so glad I did! This is easily the best sweet corn I’ve ever grown. Tender-crisp and so, so sweet. I may never grow another variety.

  6. baumgarten722

    Doing well considering we did plant late in the season for 9A by about 3 weeks. Good germination rate.

  7. ginseyart

    Every kernel germinated fast. Looking forward to a late harvest. Sincerely grateful. Thanks.

  8. ginseyart

    Growing great. Trying a fall crop here in the Appalachian Mtns. Virginia All germinated, and fast.

  9. steber04

    Some of the best corn I’ve grown in the past 20 years.

  10. desiraemonique

    First time growing corn and will always grow this variety. Very sweet with a great crunch. They were very easy to grow and they grew very fast, it was incredible to see inches of growth everyday. Also grew great in Arizona heat, and truly had 100% germination.

  11. nicolesica123

    SUPER sweet kernels, excellent germination and strong plants. Several had 3 ears/plant and one even had 4! Very good pollination and easy to grow.

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