3 reviews for Coffee Seeds (coffea arabica)

  1. hotbutt87

    Difficult for me to grow… Zone 5, however add some good indoor lighting and so far so good. Am super excited to try! Thanks to ya’lls .99 cent price I got 2 packets to try my luck. Still on the 1st pack with my 3 original starts.

  2. Joseph

    Wow do these seeds take their time when germinating. I planted mine in late June, and it’s the middle of August. Thankfully I didn’t throw them out. At least the seedlings look very green and healthy

  3. Shannon Hagedorn

    They take their sweet time germinating. I soaked mine in water for 24 hrs and planted mine two different ways. I had the best luck planting seeds flat side down and pressing the seed half way into the soil. I kept them covered with the lid (little seed starter container, retaining the moisture) until they finally started germinating. This is also how I planted my cacao seeds (fruit from Montoso Gardens) and they germinated well. The other coffee seeds– I planted in a seed starter kit like the other but I covered the seeds completely with soil. The completely covered seeds didn’t germinate for me. I don’t know if that had anything to do with it or not. Fun project! Zone 6

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