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  1. Pawat Seritrakul

    I had good germination even in the hot dry weather we had earlier. These plant grew well, but never seem to form the “head” like normal napa cabbage you get from the store, only loose leaves. And they tasted a bit more spicy and less crunchy…

  2. pondering_cat

    We had a crazy spring in our area and none of these produced heads. They went straight to bolt. I hate giving them a rating, but I couldn’t add a review without the stars. They germinated well. They grew well, but skipped the producing head phase and went straight to seeds.

  3. pondering_cat

    Wonderful germination, nearly all that we planted germinated. Sadly, none produced heads and bolted almost immediately. I was very disappointed since this was the first time I tried to grow a Napa style cabbage.

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