4 reviews for Black Krim Tomato

  1. dearjungyvr

    Plant performed very well. Big clusters of big fruits as shown, on very sturdy vines. Tomato taste is really excellent… thin skinned, fruity, green, mouth watering and mouth filling… lovely lingering umami finish.

  2. mattie.kahn

    Black Krim has been my favorite tomato since I found them. They melt in your mouth. Garden fresh tomatoes have no rival, and Black Krim is the best. I had lots of them on each vine, they were very large. The only draw back is that really huge ones can get cat faced. However, with their size you still have lots of tomato. I even use these in my sauces. It is especially good in a chunky rainbow sauce I make with red, orange, and yellow varieties. The color of the Black Krim adds deep color to my rainbow sauce.

  3. ourlife767

    Produced tons of fruits that tasted really good. Very juicy also.

  4. sharmo0361

    The fruit was small, but tasty. I love the hint of smokiness.

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