3 reviews for Bhut Jolokia Ghost Pepper (HOT)

  1. rcglover7

    EXTREME HEAT!! This pepper is a mass producer, had more than I could use. Great for a dare, or using in a sauce if you are brave.

  2. ourlife767

    Produxed a ton of peppers and is very hot.

  3. SammysMom3

    Grew this for the 1st time to put in my hot sauce. I used a couple green ones, in the sauce but it didn’t do much. I’ve since done more research and these peppers actually take 100-120 days to mature into orange! I’ve gotten a handful of orange ones so far (Im in zone 5b chicago land area ) and its been HOT here this year! I have a bunch still on my plants but they are really taking their sweet time in turning orange, let along red! I hope they hurry up as it’s Sept now and I dont see any more HOT weather coming our way now ๐Ÿ™ Wondering if I will have to use them in the green stage for my sauce if they dont mature in time before the frost? Any ideas how to make them change color faster and mature OFF the vine? VERY VERY HOT peppers, but that is what I want for my newest batch of Ghost Pepper Mama Bear’s Hot Sauce!

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