8 reviews for Chioggia Beet

  1. Jon

    Delicious! The colors when raw are amazing. When cooked the white and pink colors bleed together. But very tasty!

  2. meetapat817

    Good germination rates. Easy to grow. Very cool appearance but not sustained when cooked, which is not a problem. Great flavor but not as sweet as Detroit red beets. Will grow again.

  3. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  4. evno3000

    These seeds are great!

  5. ilfstara

    These are beautiful beets. You do lose the striking variation of the rings when cooked, but they’re still delicious, smooth and sweet. The greens are great too! Good germination and nice production. Harvested at around 2 1/2 – 3” diameter

  6. aminta.s.largaespada

    This is my first time trying beets and i am so happy with this. Pretty easy to grow

  7. corinnemnilsen

    A really pretty beet, tastes great cooked or raw

  8. ohgardener44691

    Yummy! Love me some roasted beets. Eat the greens with my eggs very often.

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