4 reviews for Bull’s Blood Beet

  1. Virginia

    I enjoyed this beet so much last year (2016) that I have ordered 2 packs for this year. All the seeds I have purchased from MIgardener have all germinated.

  2. joel.r.bradley

    Nice, deep red color beet. Every part of the bulb is red and the juice can stain if you are not careful. Nice all around beet. Greens are nice to eat too.

  3. bouncerdjwife

    These are so refreshing. Such a deep red with very nice leaves. Germination was quick and all of my seeds germinated.

  4. meruhe

    My first year growing this variety, and I am delighted. Great germination rate. Beautiful color beets and the greens are delicious. I will definitely be growing this variety in the future.

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