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  1. bladeddragon

    I planted these last year but did not have much success.
    This year I planted them further apart, I had to reseed some areas as there were some big bald spots but as of right now they are growing tall and a beet root is aparent at ground level. Looks to be way better than last year. The tast was awesome and though they were small (golf ball) they were plentiful and delicious. Dinner parties raved even from people not liking beets. ( Looking forward to golden beets becoming available. )

  2. annev7

    This was my first year growing beets, I started them in a large container in March (I’m in zone 6b) and then started more in a raised garden bed in May, the container beets were small but we used them mostly for the baby greens and let the garden bed beets fully mature. These were WONDERFUL! So big (some the size of my palm) and delicious raw, steamed and pickled. Will be growing another round for fall!

  3. josephmajora

    Mine never grew huge bulbs. I use them for salad greens instead.

  4. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  5. evno3000

    These seeds are great!

  6. rcrovets

    They grew well, tasted great. I got 2 crops from one package of seeds. It is December in RI, and I just picked the last batch of beets.

  7. oliviakj

    Love that MIgarder offered the mix beets. Previously only planted the detroit red. Looking forward to growing the others.

  8. irisheyes006

    Terrific way to delve into the world of beets. The variety was great and produced beautiful fruit and leaves. We enjoyed beet leaf salad for the first time. Highly recommend.

  9. ourlife767

    great variety of beets.

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