14 reviews for Royal Burgundy Bean (BUSH)

  1. Joe

    This variety of beans is truly remarkable changing color from purple to green right before your eyes.

  2. Derek Coots

    I grew a few of these plants last year and was very pleased with them. Every seed germinated and its a fun variety to grow. I will be planting all I have remaining this year for sure.

  3. Ohio Gardener

    Very happy with these beans. Easy to pick since the beans are very visible. Also the bugs seem to leave them alone. Perhaps the purple color confuses them? The color changes to green when cooked. They taste just like green beans ☺.

  4. fwmilmo

    Very prolific variety. All of the seeds germinated and gave me crops during the late summer/early fall. I highly recommend them! They grew well in containers.

  5. Pawat Seritrakul

    Healthy productive yet small and bushy plant. I started them late but still had a good harvest.

  6. Darren Lind

    My first experience with purple beans and they were super hardy and prolific! I snuck a few in my landscaping for added color and they were beautiful. Great conversation starter with giving them away! I am definitely ordering several more packages as they were delicious

  7. Darren Lind

    Favorite bean! They were truly a beautiful addition!

  8. Darren Lind

    One of my favorite seeds from MI gardener! I love these beautiful beans and I am growing a pot in my house as well as many outside. I will be saving seed from these!!! very fun to have the pretty purple color even though they turn green when cooked

  9. globalswat

    We loved these, as our 1 yr old and 3 year old picked them and loved how they changed colors when cooked. They taste great without strings. I like mixing them with other colors too (yellow & green) and they look pretty when harvesting.

  10. Joseph

    This was the first not green string bean I have ever grown. Very prolific, and interesting how it changes color from purple to green right before your eyes.

  11. polaniecj

    100% Germination rate. Great raw or cooked!

  12. gooseman_duckman

    Planted these and painted pony. These out produced 10 to 1. Gonna save some seed and plant in every garden from now on.

  13. David Profitt

    I nice bean with a striking dark color. In a blind taste test, though, I can’t distinguish them from many other bush beans. They are good and completely stringless. They turn a dark green when cooked.

  14. sys881218

    Great germination rate, and such a prolific plant. Towards the end of the season it was hard to keep up with the harvesting, but beans were easy to spot and harvest due to their color. For anyone curious about the flavor, these taste just like any other green beans in my opinion.

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