15 reviews for Blue Lake Pole Bean

  1. sandy

    Wait list

  2. Julie

    I dont mind a waitlist.

  3. Allen

    Great bean. Will be planting again this year.

  4. Susan


  5. Caleb

    I want these add me to wait list

  6. joelandsabrina6973

    I would really like to try the Blue lake pole beans I’m excited and waiting TNK YOU

  7. Hannah

    I got these really late and planted them in the middle of super hot (texas) june and it was a little rough at the beginning but they are starting to fruit now!

  8. steven crago

    All germinated. They are looking confident and ready for a great harvest. Can’t wait

  9. Joseph

    I’ve had such bad luck growing beans in the past, so I only planted 3 of these to see how they would do. I saw a video where Luke said these were the easiest ones to grow. He was right. They are bushy and short so didn’t work well growing them on the same terrace as tomatoes. They would have been fine without it. The 3 plants only made a couple small meals. i wish I would have planted the whole seed pack instead. I plan to grow a lot more next year.

  10. johndar01

    These beans are a great addition to the garden. Easy to pick and you get about three pickings per season. I was disappointed in the quantity of beans for the dollar. I was expecting a larger quantity than 25 seeds.

  11. kdiang03

    I can’t get enough of this green bean! I have bags stored in my freezer from this year’s crop and I still have about 5 months left in my growing season! Delicious and plentiful. Definitely growing again!

  12. kyle.lessman

    I love Blue Lake pole beans. They are my go to every year. However, this year, my local gardening center didn’t have the seed for them. MiGardener to the rescue. This was the only place I was able to find them. They are currently growing beautifully up my hog panel arch and I picked my first gallon pale of them last week. Beautiful, straight, tender pods.

  13. loganwayne88

    Heavy producer and the best tasting green bean I’ve ever grown. This will be my go to variety from this point on!

  14. lknittel

    By FAR the best beans I grow, each and every year! I also grow yellow, purple and green bush beans….but by September, the bush beans are dying back. However the Blue Lake Pole Beans just keep on going, well into frost! I absolutely love these and will continue to grow them every year here in Northeastern Pennsylvania (zone 5b/6a).

  15. lyonsashley267

    Tasty and prolific

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