7 reviews for Blue Lake Bush Bean

  1. Valerie Howden

    100% germination. Planted intensively and they survived a cool snap without protection (yellow wax beans from previous year had less than 25% survival, non-MIgardener seed). Are now producing like crazy and I am waiting for a cooler day to harvest. Great taste even when raw. First time grower of this variety and now I will never plant another garden without it.

  2. Amy Ardizzone

    Delicious and great producers! Great germination rate!

  3. bigelowkisa

    100% germination and I was nervous about one of the seeds as it was cracked a little! We have had some cold snaps here and they all SURVIVED! I am so excited to be growing my own beans so I can finally pickle green beans! Also I am planting these around my tomato plants this year for the first time!

  4. deanjewell

    These did great, I started them in early May (zone 5) and they handled the last few days of cold we had very well.. the bush didn’t get real big but they produced really well.

  5. jmelms01

    Great bean plant. Has a late start of the season due to moving but was able to start them in a greenhouse and transplant the outside with great success. Tons of beans.

  6. jspotterpin

    These out preformed any other bean that I planted. 100% germination. I did have one plant that produced flat beans, while the rest produced normal round green beans.

  7. lyonsashley267

    The best bean variety in the garden. Tasty and prolific. Tolerant of heat

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