3 reviews for Azoychka Tomato

  1. going.supernova

    We absolutely love these tomatoes! The yellow is really vibrant when fully ripe and we have found them to be a bit more on the sweeter side and not very acidic. Growing very well in zone 3a and we will be planting these again next year. So far they also seem resistant to blight.

  2. dsollenberger1981

    Grown in PA – 2019 Planted 20 varieties – 1 each. This was the first to ripen! Beautiful. Uniform. Moderate – large size. Good tomato flavor. Prolific. Disease-resistant. (Actually our plant is dying out, but the tomatoes on the vine are ripening just fine.) One of our favorites.

  3. lindseymaros

    These are one of our favorite tomatoes! We love them on BLTs!

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