22 reviews for Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherry

  1. Shannon Hagedorn

    Great germination and excited to grow and try these!

  2. celeste Bennett

    Love!!! these!!!! I will have to say make sure that you are careful when you transplant, roots are very sensitive and a nice healthy plants can die in a matter of a day once the roots are disrupted. I would suggest using a peat pot, and plant the entire thing. They are sweet and and a nice refreshing treat when out in the garden picking. I plan to grow a few of them so I can make some preserves.

  3. Andrea

    I am growing these for the first time this year, and have decided to grow more next year. Very tasty – like sweet, less tangy pineapple when fully ripe. Still sweet and food with a unique flavor when not fully ripe. Will use in fruit salad and want to try in an upside down cake. Germinated well, grew well, no disease problems. Seems to do well in the same conditions as are ideal for tomatoes ( as expected). Only down side: they take up about 2-3ft space per plant. So not ideal for small spaces or pots.

  4. Shannon Hagedorn

    These were my favorite new plants to grow this year. It’s also the first time that I have eaten them. Lots of fun to grow. Be sure and give them some space. The plants got bigger than I was expecting!

  5. Michelle Doud

    this isn’t a “review”, just commenting that these grow wild at my house, pulling weeds near fence around my garden and came upon a couple of these…pulled them up and planted them on a bank by my house… after a couple of days of looking wilted, sprang up and looking good!

  6. Pawat Seritrakul

    Great germination and strong healthy plants. Fruits are sweet and tropical tasting. Very productive.

  7. Michelle McGuire

    Great taste! Great germination! I will be planting more of these next year.

  8. lilicallegom

    First time growing them. Grew them in spring and fall this year in North FL and we LOVE them. Fast grower, fast grower, and abundant production.

  9. Hayley Nasman

    These look very attractive in containers w/ their pretty lantern-shaped fruit sheaths and I’m growing a little one inside at the moment that is successfully fruiting with only 1 small grow light.

  10. yackley_n

    Amazing germination

  11. Tabatha Akers

    Wow these are amazing. Excellent germination . Plants grew fast and strong. I panted 4 plants and they got to be about 5 feet tall and 3-4 feet wide. Low maintenance plant, I added egg shells to them when I planted them and that was it. My only problem with these was chipmunks and birds stealing them everyday. Excellent taste will grow these every year now.

  12. lukeszoch

    This seems like an awesome plant to grow but unfortunately only two seeds out of half the pack germinated. Maybe I got a bad batch? Going to try with the rest of the pack on a paper towel instead of soil and cell trays.

  13. kyle.lessman

    This is my first time growing ground cherries and I read that these were difficult to germinate, but I had a 100% germination rate. Just got my seedlings in the garden a couple weeks ago and they are really taking off. Looking forward to a plentiful harvest this fall!

  14. moonieee

    This is an incredibly tough plant that grows in harsh conditions. Once I tasted the first fruit and discovered it wasn’t something I enjoyed. I didn’t take care of the plants and it continues to thrive with little water and no extra effort. So I am incredibly impressed at how well this does grow and produce and is not the least bit temperamental. I won’t go out again but only because I just don’t like the taste of it it has nothing to do with the quality of plant or seed.

  15. grb

    Interesting as I watch the other reviews, I checked again our 2 seed packets but the plants we have to not match the description and photos.
    Our plants make much larger fruits that are green/yellow when fully ripe and taste good but not very sweet with an aftertaste that’s not for everybody.
    Maybe we got a bad batch of seeds? Or there was some cross pollination? I bought an Aunt Molly ground cherry seedling at a nursery a month ago to compare and that plant is giving us those small orange fruits so definitely something was off.

  16. Missdoxiemom

    I each seed I planted germinated. These suckers are crazy prolific!! I planted 3 seedlings thought I’d maybe get enough to make a batch of jam. WRONG. So far I made 2 batches of jam and ground cherry salsa. I picked up a bunch yesterday and will go back out today to collect more.
    The flavor of these guys is amazing, sweet but not crazy sweet with hints if different fruits. I’ll be growing them next year!

    Oh,if you think you have enough space between plants… you should probably add more.

  17. Hillski_

    We love these! I grew them last year in 5 gallon pots, and they did quite well, though we always felt there weren’t enough to eat. 🙂 This year, in my raised beds, things were super weird, and these never grew well, but are producing a few fruits finally now. I’m definitely trying again, though!

  18. steveosullivan77

    These are very prolific and durable. My kids love eating them fresh, in pies, and muffins. Can’t wait to try jam. I highly recommend these fun fruits

  19. rose.mcnaughton

    Weird but good!
    I picked the last of these in early August, and they’re still sitting on the counter fresh as can be in November. The waxy coating and paper husk make these little buggers dry out slowly instead of rotting. They taste a bit like a cross between a pineapple and a tomato. An excellent addition to fruit salad. Will grow again.

  20. sharonfitz71

    These were hard for me to germinate and slow to get started, However, once they were established the plants took off and produced an abundant amount of fruit. A unique taste that I grew to love by the end of the summer. I only had one plant so I will be planting more of these in the garden next year.

  21. scenestra

    Even with only one plant in the garden this year I can honestly say this was the most productive plant by far, I think I might have gotten more food off of this than the rest of my garden (20 tomatoes, assorted peppers, and a few squash and melons) combined!

  22. ourlife767

    i cant wait to get more.

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