4 reviews for Ashley Cucumber

  1. Marc Southworth

    We’ve had great success with these in zone 10a in Florida. Square foot raised garden bed 10 inches off the ground. Very little maintenance.

  2. Chuck Jackson

    Loving these, very productive. However, if these are low on spines I would hate to see the very spiny variety!

  3. cristianapetras

    I just planted this (yeah, before watching Luke’s video about NOT planting in the heat..lol) and after just 3 days they sprouted and are looking super healthy!! gonna keep an eye on them if they start looking heat stressed i’ll bring em inside…but so far so good!

  4. gizzmogirl

    I have these planted out in a raised bed. When they take off, they really take off. It was like overnight all of a sudden they got huge and started their climb. So far a ton of flowers on the plant, hopefully a ton of cucumbers soon.

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