4 reviews for Artichoke Green Globe

  1. Derek Coots

    Good germination rate. Starting the seeds early for the year but sue me, I am excited. Looking forward to this coming back year after year.

  2. Thanh (verified owner)

    I don’t know if I will get artichokes a long time from now, but all the seeds germinated and the plants have been healthy for several months now.

  3. Shannon (verified owner)

    High germination rate. These broke through the dirt a lot faster than I thought they would and seedlings look nice and healthy.

  4. joshinutah (verified owner)

    I got 24 seeds in the package. Soaked all the seeds in distilled water for THREE days. I was only going to soak them for one day, but you know…. Anyhow, it is now less than two weeks since I soaked them. 17 have sprouted, several are starting their second set of leaves, and I expect a couple of more to sprout (two of the seventeen sprouted yesterday). Great price, and good germination.

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