4 reviews for Artichoke Green Globe

  1. Derek Coots

    Good germination rate. Starting the seeds early for the year but sue me, I am excited. Looking forward to this coming back year after year.

  2. Thanh

    I don’t know if I will get artichokes a long time from now, but all the seeds germinated and the plants have been healthy for several months now.

  3. Shannon

    High germination rate. These broke through the dirt a lot faster than I thought they would and seedlings look nice and healthy.

  4. joshinutah

    I got 24 seeds in the package. Soaked all the seeds in distilled water for THREE days. I was only going to soak them for one day, but you know…. Anyhow, it is now less than two weeks since I soaked them. 17 have sprouted, several are starting their second set of leaves, and I expect a couple of more to sprout (two of the seventeen sprouted yesterday). Great price, and good germination.

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