6 reviews for Red Garnett Amaranth

  1. Shannon

    High germination and absolutely beautiful color to the little seedlings. Looking forward to seeing this grow big and more beautiful.

  2. Bibi zahir

    Good very beautiful

  3. Mike Minicucci

    Grows into a very tall, striking plant. The color is ruby rather than the purple shown here. Looks great with sunflowers in a boarder. Grows fine in sandy soil when watered enough as a young plant.

  4. lilicallegom

    One of the few greens that kept providing for us in summer in North Fl

  5. ginseyart

    Received everything fast. Excellent germination. My first year turned my little front yard into a big ole garden. Have other areas to garden out back. Am excited after watching your videos. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, and for affordable products. Inspired here in the Appalachian Mtns of VA. Definitely a repeat customer.

  6. mary712

    High germination and beautiful color and flavor. This is one of my favorite leafy veg. Mine grew almost 8 ft tall during the peek summer in Texas. shared plenty with friends and neighbors. Thank you so much 🙂

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