7 reviews for Amana Orange Tomato

  1. partypaloozza

    I decided to grow this tomato for my son as he has a problem with the acid in tomatoes. This tomato has a very mild taste. It is very meaty and large. They are very prolific. Very prolific! The color is just a beautiful orange. I had found a spaghetti sauce made with orange tomatoes and it was quite tasty. I think I will try to make some of my own with this one.

  2. angelakotyk

    Great variety, the flavor is fantastic. Never disappoints. This tomato is fairly crack resistant.

  3. candace.elder.8289

    Great germination, great looking plants, just awaiting a ripe one!

  4. lyonsashley267

    Great germination! Very sweet. One of our favorites.

  5. mmuth2011

    6A Kentucky
    Was very happy with this tomatoe!! Probably had produced my biggest toms this year and it was was a rough year weather wise. I gave my dad the last big one I had for the year weighing at around 1.75 for his birthday (along with 20 pounds of beans ). I definitely will grow these again as they also caught much attention on my market table . Great taste also!!

  6. justinoffutt

    I only planted one of these last year as a trial. Plant did very well and produced fairly well.
    tomatoes are very bright and fairly sweet as tomatoes go.
    I’ll be planting again next spring.

  7. ourlife767

    an okay germination rate

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