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Semi Cooked? Possibly the New Health Craze?

Everyone knows about raw, and the benefits of raw. But one of the things that comes with raw is cold. You cannot have raw food, and have it even warm. The theory is that many of the beneficial enzymes get killed at temperatures over 110 degrees Fahrenheit. This reduces the nutrient levels, and the overall benefits of the food decline greatly.

I personally LOVE eating healthy. There is just a feeling you get when you do, and it gives you so much more value to what you are eating. But I along with so many people dislike eating cold food all the time. and I will most certainly have cooked food a good majority of the time to fill that void. But what if There was a way to get both sides? What if there was a way to have hot food, but still raw? is it possible?!?!  The answer is…. YES.

Enzymes become denatured around 110 degrees called the critical temperature. This temperature begins to purify the food and preserve it since enzymes are the main reason food spoils (that and mold). But think about it, When has 110 degrees ever felt good? Most of the time food it to hot to enjoy. Why not heat something up in water till roughly 90 degrees. Even 98 would feel like body temperature and would be considered warm. Imagine if you have ever slipped into a hot tub at 101 degrees. It feels hot! Then why need your food any hotter? With Semi Cooked food, you can enjoy relatively hot food with all the good enzymes.


Now this has not been proven in a lab, I am simply going off of research on the critical temperature of enzymes, and the already pre-existing theories around cooking food and benefits of raw food. I am not a dietary professional so by all means consult one if you have any questions regarding this, and as for now this remains opinion, However I have begun to see countless healthy restaurants begin to switch to this semi-cooked food. It might just be the perfect parts of both worlds.


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